What about the environment? Leveraging multi-omic datasets to characterize the environment’s role in human health

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
January 3-7, 2021
Fairmont Orchid Resort
The Big Island of Hawaii


Human disease is increasingly recognized as caused by a combination of heritable and non-heritable factors. Recent advances in technology, across disciplines such as metabolomics and bioinformatics, allow greater characterization of environmental encounters contributing to disease risk. This session focuses on environmental health research which advances the field through the development of techniques/infrastructure which facilitate the use and collection of environmental data and promote new discoveries concerning environmental risk factors

Session Topics

We hope to draw a diverse sampling of papers to showcase cutting edge research across environmental and biomedical disciplines. Topics under the purview of this session include, but are not limited to:

Session Organizers

Kristin Passero – The Pennsylvania State University –
Shefali Setia Verma – University of Pennsylvania –
Kimberly McAllister – National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences –
Arjun Manraj – Harvard Medical School –
Chirag Patel – Harvard Medical School –
Molly A. Hall – The Pennsylvania State University –

Submission Information

All submitted papers will undergo a thorough peer-review process. If accepted, papers will be published in the PSB proceedings and documented on PubMed/Medline. Please consider papers as a short journal article.

Important Dates