PSB 2011 Session
January 4-7 2011
Fairmont Orchid Resort
Big Island of Hawaii, USA
Session Co-Chairs
Michael Ochs
Johns Hopkins University
mfo at jhu dot edu
Rachel Karchin
Johns Hopkins University
karchin at jhu dot edu
Habtom Ressom
Georgetown University
hwr at georgetown dot edu
Robert Gentleman
rgentlem at gmail dot com
Identification of Aberrant Pathway and Network Activity from High-Throughput Data
This workshop will introduce analysis and data integration tools for the discovery of activity within cellular pathways and networks. Recent discoveries in metabolic diseases and cancer have demonstrated that pathways play a crucial role in determining phenotype, with different genes within a key pathway showing aberrant behavior in patients with otherwise identical “macro”-phenotype. Speakers will discuss their successful approaches, and a panel discussion will follow to address issues raised by PSB attendees.
Session Topics
Development and maintenance of complex databases to house genetic, epigenetic, genomic, and functional genomic data.
Development of tools suitable for analyzing data arising from complex biology.
Model-based analysis for high-throughput data.
Modeling of networks from high-throughput data.
New analysis tools capable of handling complex data integration.
The workshop will address specific issues in identification of pathways from knowledge-bases (e.g, KEGG, BioCarta), the refinement of pathways to specific contexts based on literature, the identification and retrieval of appropriate data, and the integration of this data in a model-based manner. It will include discussion of available knowledge-bases, database structures for data maintenance, and analysis tools in R suitable for data integration and analysis.
Confirmed Speakers
David Haussler David Haussler
UC Santa Cruz
Josh Stuart Josh Stuart
UC Santa Cruz
Ernest Fraenkel Ernest Fraenkel
Paul Spellman Paul Spellman
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory