Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, Hawaii
January 3-7, 2021

Carly A. Bobak, Dartmouth College
Kristine A. Giffin, Dartmouth College
Marek Svoboda, Dartmouth College
Jason Moore, University of Pennsylvania
Dennis P. Wall, Stanford

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other computational and bioinformatic approaches have become a critical component of biomedical research. The wealth of available medical data and pertinent research questions have driven experts across many scientific fields to begin developing computational methods to drive innovation in medical research. However, AI in healthcare is often labelled as “disruptive” a word simultaneously embracing its innovative nature, while warning against its turbulent impact on a broad range of health-care related disciplines. As a result, many healthcare stakeholders continue to be reserved, and even outright resistant, to AI advances for clinical outcomes.

Healthcare stakeholders include researchers across a variety of disciplines: clinicians, patients, insurers, legislators, lawyers, economists, UN agencies, governments, private and non-profit organizations, to name a few. There is no straightforward strategy for creating meaningful involvement mechanisms across many healthcare stakeholders. In this workshop, we aim to invite talks focusing on AI approaches in biomedical research from diverse and inclusive research teams, with expertise that spans different academic and professional disciplines, or who have collaborated with or studied the perspective of various stakeholders of computational healthcare research. Specifically, talks will emphasize both lessons learned from collaborative research as well as how the collaboration influenced the design, interpretation and over-all positioning of the results, and provide advice for how other researchers can engage in their stakeholder community.

Presentation and Discussion topics include:

Workshop Speakers and Panelists


Additionally, we will host a discussion panel, led by a multi-stakeholder team, for attending researchers to ask questions on how to better engage with and reach out to stakeholders to advance their own research.

Interested speakers and participants are encouraged to email workshop organizers