Use of Multi-locus Data in Gene Mapping Studies


This tutorial will outline a variety of multi-locus methods that have been designed for use with unrelated individuals as well as a number of different family structures. Approaches for analysis of quantitative traits and qualitative traits will both be discussed in detail. Topics covered will include; usefulness of multi-locus data, techniques to derive haplotype frequencies in unrelated individuals, gene mapping methods that use haplotypes (including ambiguous ones) and methods to group haplotypes in order to increase the power of gene mapping studies.


Dr. Jo Knight currently works in Pak ShamÕs team at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College in London. This group have published a number of papers on topics relating to analysis of haplotype data, and since joining the group in 2002, Dr. Knight has been involved in this work. She has considerable teaching experience ranging from informal work with other researchers to formal taught courses such as this years Cold Spring Harbor course on Complex Genetic Traits.

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