PSB Session on Personalized Medicine Call For Papers

Call for Papers and Posters
Precision medicine:
data and discovery for improved health and therapy

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Doudna
University of California, Berkeley and HHMI

January 4-8, 2016
Fairmont Orchid Resort, Kohala Coast
The Big Island of Hawaii, U.S.A.


Rapid advances in sequencing, proteomics, biosensors, mobile health devices and apps are opening up new vistas of personalized biomedical data. Meanwhile, clinical genome editing, the ultimate personal genomics, is becoming tractable. To achieve the vaunted goals of precision medicine and go from measurement to clinical translation, substantial gains still need to be made in methods of data integration, analysis and interpretation. We welcome all submissions relevant to this exciting and growing area of research.

Session Topic

We would like to invite contributions with relevance to improving statistical and computational methodology in precision and personalized medicine that describe either (1) a new problem including ideas on how to tackle them, (2) a methodological improvement over solutions to existing problems alongside empirical evaluation, (3) adaptations of existing solutions to datasets with real-world scale. We encourage submissions that span the full range from genotype to intermediate phenotype/physiology to disease phenotype/physiology. The focus will be on methods applicable to large, real-world problems. Both frequentist and Bayesian perspectives will be welcome.

Examples of topics and problems within the scope of this session include :

Other topics within the subject area are welcome.

Session Co-Chairs

Bruce Aronow
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Steven Brenner
University of California, Berkeley
Sean Mooney
University of Washington
Alexander Morgan
Stanford University & Khosla Ventures

Submission Information

Please note that the submitted papers are reviewed and accepted on a competitive basis.

Important Dates 

Paper Format

Please see the PSB paper format template and instructions at

The file formats we accept are: postscript (*.ps) and Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf)). Attached files should be named with the last name of the first author (e.g. or altman.pdf). Hardcopy submissions or unprocessed TeX or LaTeX files will be rejected without review.

Each paper must be accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter must state the following:

Submitted papers are limited to twelve (12) pages in our publication format. Please format your paper according to instructions found at If figures cannot be easily resized and placed precisely in the text, then it should be clear that with appropriate modifications, the total manuscript length would be within the page limit.

Please note that, unlike many biology conferences, the PSB proceedings is an archival, peer-reviewed publication. PSB publications are indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed, and should be thought of as short journal articles.

Poster Format

Poster presenters will be provided with an easel and a poster board 32"W x 40"H (80x100cm). One poster from each paid participant is permitted.