Call for papers for the session "Computer modeling in physiology: from cell to tissue"


The session on computer modeling in cell and tissue physiology is organized as a part of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing ( Island of Hawaii, January 4-9, 1999).


In the past few years advances in experimental techniques such as scanning confocal microscopy, development of new fluorescent dyes, and genetic engineering provided vast amount of quantitative physiological data on both cellular and tissue levels. On the other hand we have now approached the level of computer power which allows us to perform simulations with realistic models. Thus we are looking forward for contributions from both experimental biologists whose research provide quantitative physiological data and theoreticians who use advanced computer simulations to elucidate underlying mechanisms from these data.


The areas of interest include but not limited to:

-Study of the mechanisms of signal transduction and metabolic pathways and discovery of new steps and messengers. Potential interactions with the field of functional genomics


-Understanding the role of subcellular compartmentalization of the components of signaling and metabolic pathways. (For example, local events in calcium signaling or anchoring of enzymes.)


-Creation of realistic computer models in tissue electrophysiology based on integration of anatomical and physiological data. Use of such models to design new strategies for heart defibrillation.



Contributions to this session may be in the form of full papers or abstracts. Full papers are subject to peer review and those accepted are published in PSB proceedings and indexed in Medline. Speakers for the session will be selected from the authors of accepted full papers. Deadline for submission is July 13, 1998. For more details about the meeting please refer to PSB’99 Web page.

For more information about this session please contact:

Andrej Bugrim ( or Joel Keizer ( –cell physiology;

Leon Glass ( or Art Winfree ( – tissue physiology.

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