Introduction to Data Mining
for Molecular Databases

Janice Glasgow & Igor Jurisica


This tutorial will provide an introduction to the latest computational techniques for data mining and knowledge discovery. Basic definitions will be presented along with a description of a variety of algorithms, including ones from statistics and artificial intelligence. As well, an overview of existing systems and web sources will be covered. The tutorial will conclude with a discussion of some previous examples of data mining and knowledge discovery applications for both sequence and structure databases.

Biographical Sketches

Janice Glasgow is a Professor and Head in the Department of Computing and Information Science, Queen's University, Canada. Her research interests include the design and development of knowledge representation techniques for computational imagery, and the application of these techniques to the determination of molecular structure from crystallographic data.

Igor Jurisica is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Information Science, University of Toronto, Canada. His research interests include the design and implementation of techniques for case-based reasoning and machine learning. As well, he is interested in the integration of case-based and image-based reasoning and the application of this research to problems in bio-medicine.

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