PSB will take place next January 5-7, 2021. We are accepting, reviewing and publishing papers in the annual PSB proceedings. As always, proceedings papers are indexed in PubMed and are available open access.

Due to COVID-19, PSB 2021 will be virtual. The conference will be held during the scheduled dates of January 5-7, 2021 with exact times, schedule, and format to be determined in early September. We look forward to returning to our home on the Big Island in January 2022.

The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2021 is an international, multidisciplinary conference for the presentation and discussion of current research in the theory and application of computational methods in problems of biological significance. Papers and presentations are rigorously peer reviewed and are published in an archival proceedings volume. 2021 marks the 26th year of PSB. PSB 2021 will be held virtually on January 5-7, 2021.

Workshops will be offered prior to the start of the conference.

PSB 2021 will bring together top researchers from the US, the Asian Pacific nations, and around the world to exchange research results and address open issues in all aspects of computational biology. PSB is a forum for the presentation of work in databases, algorithms, interfaces, visualization, modeling, and other computational methods, as applied to biological problems, with emphasis on applications in data-rich areas of molecular biology.

The PSB has been designed to be responsive to the need for critical mass in sub-disciplines within biocomputing. For that reason, it is the only meeting whose sessions are defined dynamically each year in response to specific proposals. PSB sessions are organized by leaders in the emerging areas and targeted to provide a forum for publication and discussion of research in biocomputing's "hot topics." In this way, PSB provides an early forum for serious examination of emerging methods and approaches in this rapidly changing field.

Online registration will open in October.