PSB 2011

PSB Workshops

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing

Big Island of Hawaii -- January 3-7, 2011

PSB is offering three three-hour workshops during the meeting (exact dates to be determined). These workshops were created to provide an opportunity for a gathering that will not be based on peer-reviewed papers included in the proceedings book. The workshops will consist of presentations by invited speakers. Abstract submissions for the workshops will be evaluated by the workshop co-chairs.

PSB 2011 Workshops:

Each workshop has a chair who is responsible for organizing submissions. Please contact the specific session chair relevant to your interests for further information. Links on each of the session titles below lead to more detailed calls for participation.

Mining the Pharmacogenomics Literature

Co-chairs: Kevin Bretonnel Cohen, Yael Garten, Udo Hahn, Nigam H. Shah

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on the automatic extraction of relationships between biomedical entities from research literature. The workshop will focus particularly on methods for the extraction of genotype-phenotype, genotype-drug, and phenotype-drug relationships and their use for advancing pharmacogenomic research. Efforts aimed at creating benchmark corpora as well as comparative evaluation of existing relationship extraction methods are of special interest.

Important Dates
Call for Participation/Abstract Deadline: July 12, 2010
Speaker Notification: September 10, 2010
Workshop: TBA, but some time January 3-7, 2011

Contact: Kevin Cohen
Email: kevin.cohen at gmail dot com

Identification of Aberrant Pathway and Network Activity from High-Throughput Data

Co-chairs: Michael Ochs, Rachel Karchin, Habtom Ressom, Robert Gentleman

This workshop will introduce analysis and data integration tools for the discovery of activity within cellular pathways and networks. Recent discoveries in metabolic diseases and cancer have demonstrated that pathways play a crucial role in determining phenotype, with different genes within a key pathway showing aberrant behavior in patients with otherwise identical "macro"-phenotype. Speakers will discuss their successful approaches, and a panel discussion will follow to address issues raised by PSB attendees.

Contact: Michael Ochs
Email: mfo at jhu dot edu

Validation and Modeling of Electron Cryo-microscopy Structures of Biological Nanomachines

Co-chairs: Wah Chiu, Helen Berman, Steven Ludtke, Gerard Kleywegt

Electron cryo-microscopy is a methodology for determination of 3D structures of macromolecular complexes at resolutions ranging from 3.5 to 30 A. Many groups are developing software to build accurate models as well as validate cryo-EM reconstructions and models at these intermediate resolutions. In this workshop we will explore the results of a public cryo-EM modeling challenge held in 2011, comparing and contrasting the various methodologies being developed.

Contact: Steve Ludtke
Email: sludtke at bcm dot edu

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